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Ping Golf Clubs

For golfers, one of their most important pieces of equipment is their golf club. It is the primary reason why golfers may miss their shots and do not perform the way that they should. This is the reason for the Ping golf club.


The person who invented this innovative golf club was Karsten Solheim. He began playing golf and found that he was unable to hit the ball well. He started experimenting with creating his own putter so that he could play the game better. His intention for creating the putter was only to improve his own game, he never dreamed that it would become world renowned in the world of golf. His first design was created in 1959. The name for the Ping putter came from the sound of the club hitting the ball. The Sports Illustrated story on the club, dubbed it "the musical putter."


Ping Golf Clubs Innovation

This was the beginning of the success story that Ping golf clubs became. Karsten Manufacturing Corporation currently manufactures the Ping clubs in Arizona. Currently the company has over four hundred patents registered for the club and they are all a design innovation. Different Ping golf clubs are made specifically for different types of golfer.


In 1962, the patent for the weighting type known as heel toe was granted. This one design changed the way that golf clubs are made today. By 1969 another patent was granted for the perimeter weighted club. This type of weighting on the Ping club allowed an increase in inertia, which makes this a more forgiving golf club.

Another unique and innovative manufacturing technique was the use of investment casting. It's not really a new way to manufacture golf clubs but its use in the K Series irons is innovative. This particular manufacturing technique allows for the precise detailing of the irons.

Cushin Selective filtering insert is another type of patent that was granted to the company. This particular type of iron allows the golfer to not feel vibration when they strike the ball.


The reason for Ping golf clubs popularity is their continuous improvement in the design and manufacturing techniques that are used. These designs are created to meet the needs of golfers.

The manufacturer also has the unique ability to replace a lost Ping golf club through the use of the serial numbers on the clubs. Each Ping golf club is engraved with a serial number that will allow the manufacturer to create a club with the exact specifications of the one that had been lost.