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Golf Equipment Tips

Don’t blame all of your bad shots and swings on your game. It won’t matter how much you work on your game if you have bad equipment to start with. You will never achieve the score you are after with unsuitable defective golf equipment.


There are some things you can do to determine the quality of your golf equipment.


If you are planning to get a set of used golf clubs there are some things you will need to check out before you decide to purchase. The shafts, clubheads and the grips will all need to be carefully inspected to make sure they are quality enough for you to purchase. You should also make sure that you check the clubs for consistency when you are examining them. All of that along with the price of the clubs when compared to a new set are part of your decision making process.


If you are planning to regrip your old clubs you should do so with caution. The grips are the one point that you have to affect a shot. You should know the grip size of your hand as well as the grip of the club before you attempt regripping the club. When you are trying to determine the core grip size of the club you should measure the diameter of the shaft. This measurement will be equivalent to the core grip size. When you are trying to determine the grip size of your hands you are able to select from a regular, mid, oversize and jumbo size grip. You should also make sure that the material that is used is the highest quality material.


Another bit of advice for golfers who are experiencing a poor performance is to check that your clubs are not badly fitted. Your body size and type must be considered when you are choosing your golf clubs. You will avoid problems with your swing if you select the properly fitting golf clubs.


You can select the option to have your golf clubs custom fit to your body type and size. This is the ideal option over buying new clubs that still may be poorly fitted to your body. This investment is well worth the cost and time to find the clubs that will give you the best performance. Every person is different and the clubs will need to be matched to the person individually. Specific measurements of height, swing, strength and the speed of the golfer will be used to custom fit the golf clubs.


Your club shaft’s type may also be a determining factor in the quality of your game. You can select between a graphite shaft and a steel club shaft. You should find the type of shaft that will benefit your game. Typically professional golfers prefer the steel shafts and women and beginners prefer the graphite. Graphite shafts are more costly than steel.


One more thing when you are preparing to go golfing. Bring along the clubs that you are most comfortable using. You should make sure that you have a variety of clubs with you so that you can select the one that you wish to use for each hit.


With the right methods and the right equipment you will see an improvement in your game that will make you the best golfer you are capable of being.