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Custom Golf Clubs

Every golfer has a distinctive swing and capability. You can have your golf clubs custom made to accommodate the length and shaft type, the grip size and type, and the lie angle. All it takes are some measurements and a rundown of the type of game that you play. It is becoming so popular to have your golf clubs custom made that even the amateurs are getting into it.


The custom fitting of a golf club is how it is designed specifically for the unique swing of a golfer.


Whatever kind of game you play, professional or amateur the golf club will be designed to give you the best swing. It will provide you with a straight shot based on your swing.


How To Have Your Golf Clubs Customized

There are some things that the customizer will need to know about you so that the clubs can be custom fitted for you. Your height, gender, the measurement of your wrist to the floor, your skill, your age and the speed that you swing the golf club. They will also need to know which club you use at the yard marker 150.


There is a different scale that is used for men and women golfers. That is the reason that your gender is necessary to place you in the correct scale.


Your height and the measurement between your wrist and the floor are used to determine how long the golf club should be. Every person is different and may require different golf clubs that vary from the standard. You can be exceptionally tall, but have shorter arms. You would require a different golf club than someone of the same height with longer arms. Eighty percent of all golfers fall into the standard length category.


Your skill level, speed of your swing, your age and the club that you use at yard marker 150 are details that are used to decide on the shaft flex that will work for you.

If you have a slice the custom fitted golf clubs can correct this problem. A flaw in your swing may cause the slice. The custom golf club will compensate for any flaws in the swing that cause you to slice the ball.


There are different approaches to custom fit your golf clubs, but they are all designed to improve your score. The beginning steps are to take the measurements of your height, hand size, wrist to floor measurement and create a club that is the right size for you. Then you will take your custom golf clubs and take them out to hit a few balls. You should place impact tape on the bottom of the club and a board on the floor.


When you hit the ball you will leave a spot on the tape, which will show the person customizing your clubs where you hit first. This information will tell them whether the club needs to be more upright or flat. After that there are some more complex methods that will be used. With the right equipment your swing speed and the spin can be measured. There are a great many other things that can be measured with this advanced equipment. All of these measurements will tell the person customizing your clubs what needs to be done to improve your game.


It is usually easier to start customizing with a new set of clubs, but you can bring your old clubs up to speed with some customization. Many people believe that this type of customizing is only appropriate for professional golfers, but really anyone can take advantage of the benefits.


This upgrade to your clubs won’t completely eliminate all of your bad shots, but you can make a great deal of improvement. You will need some extra coaching for the things the clubs won’t help.


You can often get your clubs custom fitted for free if you buy a new set of clubs. So if you are ready for some new golf clubs it might be time to look into custom fitting a set just for you.