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Callaway Golf Clubs

One of the most popular golf clubs for avid golf fans is the Callaway golf club. Golf has become a very popular pastime among the retired folks these days that it has allowed the Callaway golf club to achieve a great deal of success.


Ely Callaway purchased half of Hickory Stick USA and began his goal of creating the Callaway golf club. Originally naming it Callaway Hickory Stick USA, he hired the best in the business to begin its designing. Richard Helmstetter took on the role of the chief club designer and together they set out to create the best golf club on the market. The designs that were created at this time are what set Callaway apart from the rest as one of the high performance golf clubs on the market. It was when the designs took off that the company was named Callaway Golf and moved to Carlsbad, California.


The most innovative design from Callaway Golf came in the form of a driver made of stainless steel that had a larger head than the typical driver seen on the market. This head was also a great deal more forgiving than other designs of its type. Callaway called the driver "Big Bertha", taking the name of a cannon that had the capability to fire great distances. This design is what launched Callaway Golf into the stratosphere of success in the golf equipment market. They made millions in sales and sold the innovative golf club around the world.


While Callaway Golf made its name with the driver, the company makes a full set of Callaway golf clubs. There are six different classes of clubs designed by Callaway Golf:

  • The Drivers. This classification is made up of two different models of driver. There is the Big Bertha Titanium 454 and the Big Bertha FT4.
  • The Fairway Woods. There are three clubs in this classification, the Big Bertha Titanium Fairway Woods, The Big Bertha Fusion Fairway Woods and the Big Bertha Fairway Woods.
  • The Hybrid. Callaway Golf makes one hybrid model called the Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrid.
  • The Irons. There are five different models of Callaway irons. The Big Bertha, The Big Bertha Fusion, X-Tour, X-18 and the X-18 Pro.
  • The Wedges. One model is in this classification - the Callaway Forged + Wedge.
  • The Putters. There are two models of Callaway putters. Callaway Golf I-Trax Putter and the Callaway Tour Blue Putter.

These are the clubs that Callaway Golf presently makes. Callaway golf clubs have been thoroughly researched and designed with the golf enthusiast in mind. If you are looking for an outstanding and high quality golf club, Callaway golf clubs are certainly worth a try.